ISP troopers, towing company go above and beyond to help stranded motorist get home on Thanksgiving

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An Indiana State Police trooper, his family and a local towing company went above and beyond to help a stranded motorist on Thanksgiving Eve and into the holiday.

Wednesday evening, Trooper Dan Criswell his trainee, Trooper TY Mays, went to check on a disabled vehicle on westbound I-70, near Indianapolis International Airport. They found a white work van stalled in the roadway, occupied by Daniel Breaux, 59, of Church Point, Louisiana.

The troopers pushed the van to a safe location and offered to help the man. They learned Breaux had traveled to Indianapolis to help a family member move to the area and was on his way back home.

Unfortunately, he only had $100, which was just enough for gas money to get home.

Criswell offered assistance and Breaux politely declined, saying he would call some friends for help.

The troopers left the scene, but returned shortly with a warm meal for him.

ISP said Criswell couldn’t stop thinking about Breaux and how polite and respectful he was. On Thanksgiving morning, while he was off duty, Criswell drove back to the location to be sure he was able to get help.

He was surprised to find Breaux still there, sleeping in the van. Criswell was determined this time to get him some help with the vehicle. He contacted several towing companies who said the price would be much more than the $100 in Breaux’s pocket.

Finally, Criswell got a hold of D&D Auto and Towing, LLC out of Clayton. He explained the situation and the company responded immediately by offering their services free of charge.  They towed the broken-down van back to Criswell’s home where his brother Kyle, a mechanic, was on his way to meet them.

Breaux thought the alternator was the issue, but Kyle was able to determine the problems were much more than that. As Trooper Criswell and Kyle began talking about options, their other brother Dustin Criswell, Vice Principal at Perry Meridian Middle School, arrived to help.

Dustin happened to own an old pickup truck that was no longer being used and he offered to give it permanently to Breaux so he could safely return home. Instead of working on the broken down van, the brothers worked on the truck to ensure it was ready for a road trip.

The Criswells invited their new friend to their parents’ home to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and their family. During dinner, the family got to know Breaux and took up a collection to ensure the military veteran had enough money for everything he needed on his trip home.

ISP says police officers often go above and beyond expectations, and this is just one example of selfless dedication to service.

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